Jazzbarok Project is a programmatic offer aimed at jazz and improvised music festivals, as well as philharmonic halls.

Jazzbarok Project is an extraordinary fusion of classical and jazz music that brings to life the works of great masters such as Vivaldi, Handel, and the Bach family. It is a true revolution in the world of music that invites listeners who appreciate both the aesthetics of classical music and jazz on a fascinating journey into the world of improvised music and classical compositions. The melodious and subtle Baroque works are dressed in a unique, modernist jazz style, combining original Baroque themes with bold, modern arrangements.

The Altra Volta string quartet has created an original Jazzbarok project, inviting one of Italy's leading jazz trumpeters, Stefano Serafini.

Baroque music is an extraordinary treasure trove of timeless themes that provide an endless source of inspiration for today's musicians. The Altra Volta quartet develops these themes in an original way, playing with them, improvising, and using compositional techniques close to contemporary times. In works by Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, or Pachelbel, the ensemble combines elements of jazz, South American rhythms, and harmony, creating a completely new color of improvised chamber music.

In the Jazzbarok program, listeners can hear extraordinary interpretations of such works as Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Lascia Ch'io Pianga by George Frideric Handel, C minor Solfeggietto by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, A minor Invention, Prelude 2 C minor from WTC 1, and Prelude VI D major from WTC 1 by Johann Sebastian Bach, and many other works that make up a program of over an hour.
It is a unique opportunity for listeners to discover the beauty and multidimensionality of Baroque music in a completely new light, thanks to the intriguing improvisational ideas and subtlety of the Altra Volta ensemble's performances.

Possible performing ensembles:

    string quartet

    string quartet with a soloist - Stefano Serafini

Listen to excerpts from the program KONTRABAROKOWO.

SUMMER - based on the violin concerto from Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons, recomposed by Jacek Dzwonowski. Featuring Italian trumpeter Stefano Serafini as a guest artist.

A composition based on Solfeggietto by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, recomposed by Jacek Dzwonowski.

SPRING - based on the violin concerto from the Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi, reimagined by Jacek Dzwonowski.

A piece based on Prelude VI from WTC Book 1 BWV 851 by Johann Sebastian Bach.

J. S. Bach Inwencja 13 a-moll BWV 784