Altra Volta's Jazzbaroque Project is a programmatic offer aimed at jazz and improvised music festivals, as well as philharmonic halls.

As a string quartet, we have been playing together and befriending each other for over a quarter of a century. Through the music we perform, we convey the values and fascinations that accompany us, bringing musical joy for years. We share what plays in our hearts and what makes our music authentic. Such is the essence of the JazzBaroque project. The idea of combining various styles from distant epochs resonated in our minds and hearts. Drawing on themes from the great masters of the Baroque era, we have transferred them into our musical realm, enabling us to also be creators of harmonies, rhythms, and emotions that are uniquely ours and flow from within us. Jazzbarok Project is an extraordinary fusion of classical and jazz music that brings to life the works of great masters such as Vivaldi, Handel, and the Bach family. It is a true revolution in the world of music that invites listeners who appreciate both the aesthetics of classical music and jazz on a fascinating journey into the world of improvised music and classical compositions. The melodious and subtle Baroque works are dressed in a unique, modernist jazz style, combining original Baroque themes with bold, modern arrangements.

The Jazzbarok Project stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and artistic exploration. A groundbreaking fusion of classical and jazz, it reimagines the masterpieces of Vivaldi, Handel the Bach family, ushering in a new era of musical revolution. By infusing the melodious intricacies of Baroque compositions with daring jazz arrangements, we craft a mesmerizing blend that captivates audiences who revel in both classical aesthetics and jazz improvisation.

Led by the Altra Volta string quartet and joined by the esteemed jazz trumpeter Stefano Serafini, our ensemble breathes fresh life into Baroque treasures. With each performance, we delve into the depths of timeless themes, infusing them with contemporary flair and innovative improvisation. Drawing inspiration from Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, and Pachelbel, we blend elements of jazz and South American rhythms, creating a rich tapestry of improvised chamber music that dazzles and delights.

Listeners are treated to extraordinary interpretations of renowned works such as Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Handel's Lascia Ch'io Pianga, and Bach's masterpieces. Each note, infused with the Altra Volta ensemble's signature style, paints a vivid portrait of Baroque beauty in a modern light. It's a unique opportunity to experience the multidimensionality of Baroque music, enriched by the Altra Volta ensemble's nuanced performances and intriguing improvisational ideas.

Join us on this captivating musical odyssey, where tradition meets innovation and the timeless melodies of the past resonate with the vibrant energy of the present. Experience the JazzBaroque project—a symphony of creativity, passion, and artistic expression unlike any other.

Possible performing ensembles:


   - Altra Volta string quartet

   -  Altra Volta string quartet with a soloist - Stefano Serafini

Listen to excerpts from the program JazzBaroque.

A composition based on Solfeggietto by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, recomposed by Jacek Dzwonowski.

SPRING - based on the violin concerto from the Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi, reimagined by Jacek Dzwonowski.

SUMMER - based on the violin concerto from Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons, recomposed by Jacek Dzwonowski. Featuring Italian trumpeter Stefano Serafini as a guest artist.

Bachtango based on Prelude 2 c-minor - by J. S. Bach BWV 847 - reimagined L. Sojka

A piece based on Prelude VI from WTC Book 1 BWV 851 by Johann Sebastian Bach.

J. S. Bach Inwencja 13 a-moll BWV 784