Altra Volta

The Altra Volta Quartet was founded in 1998 by the students of the Academy of Music in Katowice. Having graduated from their Alma Mater and having acquired some experience and enriched their repertoire, the ensemble embarked upon the concert path. Altra Volta have traversed three continents following their musical trail: Germany, France, Italy, the Vatican, Switzerland, Turkey, Lithuania, Slovakia, Belarus and the Netherlands, Egypt, India, Sri Lanka and China.

The quartet’s most valuable concert experience definitely includes their participation in the following festivals: “Szalone Dni Muzyki” (Crazy Days of Music) and “Ogrody Muzyczne Chopina” (Chopin’s Musical Gardens) held in Warsaw (as part of the Chopin Year celebrations), the International Festival “La Nuit de la Voix” in Paris, as well as a series of concerts held in India and Sri Lanka. Constituting a truly unique adventure for the ensemble was their performance on the set of the award-winning film “Z odzysku”, directed by Sławomir Fabicki. The quartet can also pride itself on its radio recordings for Mezzo television, the French Radio Classique, Polish Radio, RMF Classic and Vatican Radio.

As part of the Chopin Year celebrations, and along with “Camerata Silesia”, the Katowice City Singers’ Ensemble (Zespół Śpiewaków Miasta Katowice), the quartet premiered a piece by Régis Campo “Sept. Humoresques”. This work was performed at Teatr Wielki (Grand Theatre) – the Polish National Opera, in the courtyard of the Royal Castle in Warsaw, and at the Opera Comique in Paris.

The quartet’s repertoire encompasses classical compositions (including transcripts and accompaniments), works from the circle of popular and jazz music, as well as film and musical soundtracks. The ensemble is also successful in implementing its own original music projects.



Altra Volta string quartet collaborates with the famous artists such as: Stanislaw Soyka, Durga and Lorelei Mc Broom (known the audience from the gigs and recordings with the bands such as Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart), Daddy’s Cash, Krzysztof Antkowiak, Krzysztof Cugowski, Natalia Niemen, Ewa Błachnio. In 2013 quartet has started cooperation with the Foundation of Piotr Kler. He performed recordings both in studio as well as live together with the scholarship students. They are accomplished at Filharmony of Opole, as well as at Polish Radio in Katowice and during concerts in Studio Koncertowe Polskiego Radia im. Witolda Lutosławskiego and National Philharmony both in Warsaw.


On the CD’s the auditors can find some piano concerts in a chamber version e-moll op. 11 (eleven) and f-moll, op. 21st (twenty first ) of Fryderyk Chopin, a-moll op. 16 (sixteen) of E.Grieg and 20th (twentieth), 21st (twenty first), 23rd (twenty third), 24th (twenty fourth) of W. A. Mozart, 1st (first) C-Major op 15 (fifteen) of L. van Beethoven, d-minor BWV 1052 (thousand fifty two) of J. S. Bach. One of the last recordings were recorded together with excellent young pianist – Łukasz Byrdy.

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